A decision was made by Microsoft that Windows 7 Home Premium edition would not run many older programs such as BridScor. BridScor will run under Windows 7 Professional within the freely downloadable Virtual PC mode and existing users wishing to continue to use BridScor within the Windows 7 Professional environment my choose to do so. Please see for details.

A re-write of BridScor which will operate within Windows 7 Home Premium (as well as Windows XP) has been undertaken, the new program being known as BobScore.

BobScore operates very much like BridScor but is certainly not identical to it. However it is likely that people who are familiar with BridScor will be able to operate BobScore easily based on the knowledge that they already have. Upgrading to BobScore is recommended.

If you are such a user and you want to use BobScore then proceed as follows:

  1. Enter into the address field of your web browser and, when prompted, save the zip file into a temporary folder on your computer. Please note that the character preceding fees is a numeric zero not an alphabetic O.
  2. Unzip the downloaded ensuring that files are unzipped to the same temporary folder mentioned in step 1 above.
  3. Run the unzipped Setup.exe within the temporary folder. This will install the BobScore program. A shortcut will most probably be crated on your desktop in which case step 4, below, may be omitted.
  4. To run the BobScore program you should click on the Windows Start button then you will need to find and click on BobScore within the files/folders displayed. Its location can be a bit fluid but it may well appear under Hewlett-Packard. Once you have located the program creating a desktop shortcut for it on the desktop is recommended.
  5. The first run of the program will create the BobScore folder on your computer into which it will download the initial database. This will take a little time.
  6. Click on Clubs and edit the default club name to the name of your choice.
  7. You will need to enter Membersí data.
  8. Delete the temporary folder.

Please note that Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and x84) may be downloaded and installed as part of the installation process if it doesn't already exist on your computer.

Having installed BobScore you can, from time to time, download the latest version (version 2.95) of the program as follows:

If you are running a version which is earlier than version 2.95 then upgrading to the latest version is strongly reccomended.

Events created within BridScor can be opened in BobScore. BobScore events will, by default, be saved in the BobScore folder.

Please click here to view the original BridScor site.